Probate & Administration

The death of a loved one is always a time of sadness for the family. However, this can also be a time of discord, especially if there are disagreements amongst the surviving family members regarding their beneficial shares in the estate of the deceased.

In many such cases, disputes can be long and bitter. This is where we add tangible value to our services, as our lawyers have a long and successful history of resolving disputes between Executors/Administrators and/or Beneficiaries to the satisfaction of parties involved.

Even if there is no dispute, there will be the need to obtain the Grant of Probate (if there is a will) or Letters of Administration (if there is no will).   Our team is well versed in acquiring that objective.

Our services do not end with acquiring the Grant of Probate. If required, we are ever ready to provide legal assistance for the administration of the estate after Probate is obtained.

Although it may not be very pleasant business, it is unfortunately a situation which is unavoidable and therefore crucial that you equip yourself with the necessary information to do or apply the following.

Managing the deceased’s estate

At time of death, the deceased would have left behind property that would need to be managed and allocated to the deceased’s beneficiaries, referring to those who are entitled to shares in the deceased’s estate. A personal representative would thus be appointed as the administrator or executor of the deceased’s estate.

Should the deceased have made a Will prior to his demise, the personal representative is therefore referred to as an Executor. However, if there was no will before time of death, then the personal representative is referred to as an Administrator.

Applications for Probate and Letters of Administration for estate values that exceed S$3 million are dealt with by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also deals with applications for the Resealing of Grants. This is for foreign Probate Orders.

Grant of Probate

This is a court order given to the Executor appointed by the deceased in his Will to administer his estate.

Grant of Letters of Administration

This is a court order given to a person who applies to court to administer the deceased’s estate when the deceased passed away without writing a will.

Memorandum of Resealing

This is a court order given to a person who has already obtained a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in another country and needs to be resealed here.

Applying for Probate,

If you wish to apply for either the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, the application to Court for either proceedings must be made within 6 months of his death of the Deceased.

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