Personal Injury

You have been injured in a road traffic accident or injured in an accident at work? We have the expertise to claim your losses including the pain and suffering you have suffered, as well as any other losses, i.e., loss of income, future loss of income, medical costs etc.

Approach us, and let us help you make the necessary claims to alleviate the losses you have suffered. Our team is well skilled in such areas and we have facilitated many clients in recouping their losses.

The various issues to be discussed with you, when you instruct us include:

  • Negligence, i.e. whether the Party who caused the accident was negligent.
  • This will include all your losses;
  • General Damages which includes
    – Pain and suffering
    – Loss of Amenities
    – Loss of Future Earnings
    – Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Special Damages
    – Loss of income
    – Medical Expenses
  • Limitation Period. There is a time limit for you to commence legal proceedings.
  • Causation
  • Duty of Care