The Lawyers at Dhillon & Panoo LLC have built up a formidable reputation in the areas of civil litigation over the course of our years in practice.

Our lawyers have had extensive experience in appearing in court and in successfully resolving the legal disputes of our clients.

Thus, we are a prime team in offering you legal advice and solutions to your disputes. Our team believes in working hard and being committed wholly towards safeguarding your interests.

Civil Litigation

Generally, a person enters into the litigation process when he begins a civil lawsuit against another party to seek redress against the said party.

The Singapore Court system allows parties, be they individuals or corporations, to initiate legal proceedings for all sorts of matters including the following:

  • Debt recovery
  • Company disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Insurance claim
  • Sale of Goods disputes
  • Invoice claims
  • Construction disputes
  • Renovation disputes
  • Property damage

Pre lawsuit litigation

Before a lawsuit is filed, a Letter of Demand is send and negotiations are typically conducted to effect conflict resolution. The plaintiff would demand for action by the defendant to resolve the conflict. Should the defendant refuse the terms of the demands, the plaintiff can then instruct us to draft the Writ of Summon for it to be served on the Defendant to begin the lawsuit.

Legal Proceeding

Upon the commencement of legal proceedings the matter will typically undergo the following process

  • Statement of Claim
  • Memorandum of Appearance
  • Defence (and Counterclaim)
  • Reply (and Defence to Counterclaim)
  • Close of Pleadings
  • Summons for Directions
  • Discovery of Documents
  • List of Documents
  • Affidavit of Evidence in Chief
  • Trial

Apart from the above, several applications can be applied for, including

  • Discovery of further documents
  • Interrogatories
  • Further and Better Particulars
  • Summary Judgment Proceedings
  • Striking Out Proceedings

For Civil Proceedings, there will be other issues to sort out and be advised including:

  • Limitation Period or Time bar
  • Forum Non convenience or Conflict of jurisdiction
  • Legal costs
  • Court Fees
  • Suing the correct Party
  • Mode of commencing action, either by Writ of Summon or Origination Summons

Post Trial

Although a verdict has been delivered, that by no means is the end of the litigation process. The losing party can still appeal the decision of the case or even negotiate the terms of compensation.

Execution Proceeding

Even with a Judgment, the other Party may not pay and the successful Party may need to commence the following proceedings

  • Bankruptcy
  • Winding-up (For registered Companies)
  • Garnishee
  • Examination of Judgment Debtor Summons
  • Writ of Seizure and Sale
  • Writ of Possession